We are a market leading Training & Consultancy services group. Everything RFM does is driven by our passion for workforce training and development. Our core strategy is one that combines simple yet innovative technology with expert advice to deliver client-led solutions that assist organisations globally regardless of their size, geography or risk profile.

Training Consultancy

We are uniquely adept at combining extensive technical field experience with state of the art industry teaching methodologies to design, develop, and deliver customized training solutions that address specific Institution workforce needs. We have developed an ability to deliver information at the level that each class can understand and take back to their workplace for immediate application

Management Consultancy

We provide a Total Learning and Development solutions to industries that are innovative and see the opportunities inherit in managerial training and support. RFM Global Consultancy specialises in delivering in-depth training projects for individuals, pubic sectors, select teams or entire business units. Our priority is to ensure that all our clients experience a substantial financial return on the training investment they make with us and we pride ourselves on delivering a maximum value added service.

ISO Consultancy

We utilize materials in our workshops that help delegates associate what they are learning directly with what they do on the job. RFM's diverse range of skills allows us to match specific training objectives or business requirements of our clients with the most appropriate solution with no particular bias in terms of product or platform. Our use and understanding of new technology is practical, efficient and driven by needs, not a particular solution.

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Information Technology by design is always in flux and you must keep up or you will be overwhelmed.

Being abreast with technology is a sure way of being on top of the competition


Enterprise Solutions

Business Enterprise

An enterprise is invariably an entity made up of a number of constituent parts, For it to function and operate productively and successfully, structures and logical pathways have to be at its core. These are the rules that governs and regulate the flow of processes and actions within the organisation - codified

State Institutions

A government as an entity made up of a number of constituent parts, need structure and logical pathways for its policies to be implemented successfully. The extent of these achievements can only be quantify with procedures and actions that everyone involve should follow irrespective of position and authority

Private Enterprises

A small business enterprise by an large, is a scaled down version of a multinational corporation.For it to function and operate productively, structures and logical pathways also have to be at its core. These are the rules that govern and regulate the flow of processes and actions within the entreprise

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Corporate Solutions.


We believe that organisations need to implement change which simultaneously delivers improvement to all key stakeholders - shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community.


Our approach is holistic - in our experience, clients only achieve lasting and radical improvement in performance by targeting along four important salient features: direction,market , people and process


The fundamentals of achieving success can not be bought off-shelf. It requires a thoughtful and strategic approach in tandem with Drive, Vision and Leadership.This synergy, is what is required to move your enterprise to the next level

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The Benefits ISO Brings To Your Enterprise



The environment is getting more attention as the effects of global warming is all becoming too evident. Local solutions are the backbone in remedying this predicament to a certain extent.

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Health & Safety

It is often said your workers are your assets you can not put a price on irrespective of their colour - white-collar or blue-collar. Thus, safety and health of these precious commodities should never be over looked

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Processes and activities within an enterprise should follow rigid rules and guidelines that have been developed to maximise efficiency and productivities. Failing to do this will always have a detrimental effect your capital and retuns

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