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Rail strikes: Travellers braced for third day of disruption
People are advised to only travel by train if necessary, with just a fifth of services running.

Row over M&S plan to redevelop flagship store
The government is calling a review of the plans which include a smaller shop, offices and a gym.

Risk of further BA strikes as more staff consulted
The airline's engineers and call centre workers in the UK are being consulted over industrial action.

Robinsons ends Wimbledon sponsorship after 86 years
The soft drink has had a partnership with the tennis championships since the mid-1930s.

Cost of living: People cut back on food shopping as price rises bite
Retail sales fell 0.5% in May as households cut spending in supermarkets due to the rising cost of living.

Train strikes: Why haven't they caused more disruption?
The post-pandemic shift to working from home means disruption caused by the strikes has been more limited.

UK inflation rises at fastest rate for 40 years as food costs jump
Food, energy and fuel price rises help drive inflation up in May at its fastest pace since 1982.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak defends likely pensions rise
There's criticism of the move as ministers warn workers not to expect pay rises to match increasing costs.

Asda says some shoppers asking cashiers to stop at £30
Rising food prices are sparking a "massive change in behaviour", the supermarket's chairman tells the BBC.

Ofgem blamed as supplier failures lead to higher energy bills
Billpayers are hit with £94 extra a year after 28 companies collapsed due to energy price hikes.

Union rejects Rolls-Royce £2,000 living-cost bonus
Unite has rejected the offer of a lump sum and pay rise for thousands of Rolls-Royce staff.

Food bills are set to soar by £380 this year
As grocery prices rise at their highest pace in 13 years, experts warn there are more hikes to come.

Interest-free loan scheme aims to reach 20,000 people
People struggling with their finances can access small, zero-cost loans as part of a nationwide trial.

Big pay rises could push prices up, says minister
Treasury minister Simon Clarke warns bosses to be "very careful" in setting wage increases.

People cut back on food, fuel and clothes as prices rise, BBC survey suggests
More than eight in 10 people say they are worried about the cost-of-living, a BBC survey suggests.

Three things we're cutting back on as prices rise
People in Birmingham and Kent tell the BBC how they are cutting back to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Toyota recalls electric cars over concerns about loose wheels
The bZ4X is the Japanese motor industry giant's first mass-produced all-electric vehicle.

Two killed as Nio electric car falls from third floor office in Shanghai
Pictures show a gaping hole in the side of car maker Nio's Shanghai HQ, and a smashed vehicle below.

Netflix cuts 300 more jobs after subscriptions fall
In April the streaming giant reported its first subscriber loss in more than a decade.

British Airways Heathrow staff back summer strikes over pay
About 700 workers at Heathrow Airport vote in favour of industrial action during the summer holidays.

Nike latest brand to leave Russia permanently
Russia's economic isolation deepens as more Western companies leave the country.

Juul: US bans all products from leading vaping company
Authorities say they do not have enough data to be sure Juul's e-cigarettes meet health standards.

More rail strikes extremely likely, says union boss
Travellers are facing another day of disruption on the second day of strikes, as half the network closes.

Germany takes step closer to gas rationing
The country triggers the "alarm" stage of its emergency gas plan after a drop in Russian supplies.

Davidstow Cathedral City cheese firm pollution fine
Cathedral City manufacturer Dairy Crest has admitted polluting the local area over five years.

Just 100 days left to spend paper £20 and £50 notes
It will soon be impossible to pay in shops with the notes, which are being replaced by plastic versions.

Inflation pushes UK government interest costs to May record
Interest payments made on government debt hit the highest level on record for May as inflation surged.

New Tesla factories losing billions of dollars, Musk says
Elon Musk said the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai was "very difficult" for the electric car maker.

Rail strike: Law change would allow agency staff to cover industrial action
Ministers say the plan, which needs Parliament's approval, would limit the impact of future strikes.

Twitter tests 'notes' feature with 2,500 word limit
The trial will allow some users to share "notes" beyond the normal 280-character limit for tweets.

President Biden urges petrol tax 'holiday' as fuel prices bite
Analysts say suspending the tax would do little to lower costs for people at the pump.

Chinese man jailed for sexual assault of Alibaba employee on work trip
The woman was assaulted after being made to drink on a work trip, and then fired after going public.

Brics summit: Members push for global clout amid Ukraine war
Leaders from India, Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa meet amid major shifts in geopolitics.

Ford chooses Valencia for new electric car plant
The US automaker warns of "significant" job losses as part of its changing strategy.

Will my summer holiday flights be cancelled?
Aviation workers across Europe have voted to strike this summer, which could cause more disruption.

Train strikes: How did passengers cope with day one?
As services ground to a halt, figures suggest commuters turned to bikes, taxis or decided to work from home.

Rail strikes: 'Working from home just isn't an option'
Despite the rise in working from home in the pandemic, nearly half of workers in Britain commute each day.

Call to extend electrical safety checks to social housing
A charity says mandatory checks in England's private rental sector had unearthed thousands of serious hazards.

The staff shortage slowing down air cargo and bags
A lack of skilled cargo handlers is now hampering the booming air freight business too.

How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans
Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.

Could nuclear desalination plants beat water scarcity?
Engineers are developing mobile, floating nuclear desalination plants to help solve water shortages.

US parents turn to black market due to formula shortage
As the US grapples with a formula crisis, parents are turning to the black market for supplies.

How India could become a 'mushroom superpower'
Changing tastes mean mushroom entrepreneurs are only just getting started.

How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?
As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology?

CEO Secrets: 'Don't treat your business like your baby'
Liz Jackson MBE started her career as an entrepreneur, creating her own marketing company, aged 25.

The small seaport crucial for Europe's energy future
As neighbour Germany takes a step closer to gas rationing a Polish seaside resort prepares to help.

How The Gambia’s oyster farmers are being hit by climate change
Women's livelihoods in The Gambia are under threat from rising temperatures and sea levels.

Could flat tyres soon be a thing of the past?
Airless tyres that do not puncture are getting close to market but some remain sceptical about them.

Why you may have a thinking digital twin within a decade
Within 10 years people may be able to have a intelligent online version of themselves.

'It is all about raising the profile of carers'
The UK economy cannot afford to have more of its 10.5m army of carers quit the workforce for good.

India's loan scams leave victims scared for their lives
Bogus apps are being used by hackers to access mobile phone data to threaten and blackmail victims.

The people making money from just surfing the internet
A Canadian tech firm is allowing people to take a cut of online advertising revenue.

India wheat export ban: Why it matters to the world
India's move to ban wheat exports rattled global markets, but the government says it won't have much impact.

'I was a poor kid but it put steely determination in me'
Timothy Armoo of Fanbytes explains how he, Ambrose Cooke and Mitchell Fasanya built their firm.

Why the Central African Republic adopted Bitcoin
Some 90% of people in the Central African Republic lack access to the internet, needed to use Bitcoin.

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